Sunday, September 15, 2013

Gesture Time!

Long time since I posted. I've been working on 3 or 4 longish short stories (1 done, 1 nearly done, 1 started, and the fourth in float around land). I slowed down with the Unity stuff for awhile to work on something with Liza, and now I've decided I want to improve my ability to draw, if for no other reason that a) I like it and b) I feel like I want to try.

The hardest part of anything is always being consistent so I am enlisting as much aid as I can to make me draw every day. Even if I only get one sketch in, it'd be worth it.

So here's the first set of gesture drawings! I guess I drew about 25 things and threw out 22, these were the three tolerable ones. I find I have trouble fitting the image onto the page a lot of the time. And toward the end I found myself just losing focus.. maybe after 25 minutes or so, where the lines no longer made sense to me.

I'll keep a log of this and keep at it. All encouragement is appreciated. And when the game is ready, will yell about that too.