Sunday, July 8, 2012

Decisions, decisions.

Lot to think about of late, and a lot of side projects I've been spending time trying to catch up on. I have to say it's been rewarding but difficult going.

I started this film script back around October and have been blocking it out little by little, then have been working in fits and starts on a few other scripts just to get the work down on paper so it exists somewhere and I can come back to it when my world isn't as busy.

But the situation really crystallized for me with this old novel manuscript I have, called Elemental.

It's a novel I have, um, TWO versions of. I am not entirely sure how this happened, only that I finished the first draft of that book in 1998, and the second revision of it in 2001. And ha ha, but the primary thing I needed to fix is, hysterically, STILL NOT FIXED.

The issue in front of me now is just, which version to work on. I think at least I owe it to the book (and myself) to at least resolve the main problem. The problem is which version to deal with. The first version, or the second.

The first version.. or the second.


The virtues of the first are that it was the first, and as such, it is tonally whole. The flaws are still the flaws, but at least tone is maintained throughout.

The second has more structural integrity but is less, I dunno, immediate.

So what to do? Recommendations vary. I thought about combining them.. but not possible, too different.

Thought about flipping a coin. Thought about a magic 8 ball. Thought about burning both and never speaking of it again.


So what should I do? I think fixing one, giving a limited timeframe (2 weeks) to address the major issues is a good start. The choosing which one though.. I'm stumped.

Any help, please, I'm drowning!

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