Sunday, July 15, 2012

Five Chapters Down... And Counting..

Well now that the news is out there seem to be substantially more people visiting the blog. So hello! Thanks to everyone for being so supportive. It's been pretty awesome and I'm super grateful.

I am not ready to talk about what's coming next in my work life.  I just knew I wanted to do something very different.

Sometimes you get to a place in your life where you feel like the things you love are too distant. And you gotta run after them when you feel that way. At least that's what I did. Hopefully when I get there it doesn't turn into Don't Look Now (scary evil dwarf movie.). Nnnng.

Updates with book: I am through the first five chapters of revision now and probably going to be ready to post something in the next update or so. Mostly I don't want to do it because I am afraid I will switch into "fiddle mode" because I wasn't happy with the world seeing it and then stop making the sweeping changes throughout the novel. But if I'm aware of it it should be okay.

So right now I've just about gotten to the jumping off point of the book, 5 chapters in (20 pages or so). I think a lot of clarity has been fixed but some of the immediate menace of the scenario needs to be ratcheted up so I will have a look at that later. Also I find myself changing a lot of the motives of the characters to suit the new direction.

I think the hardest part for me is that tonally it still occupies a funny place somewhere between Goodis and Hammett and the "in the headness" of the main character's narrative sometimes veers off into not at all and then back into very much in the head.

Okay I think this post is now too stream of consciousness for anyone .

More soon. If you have your own projects, keep going. There is only forward, never back.

Farewell from Jericho.


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